Marriage and Family Therapist near Calabasas, CA

Maintaining relationships takes work at every stage. Difficult situations can create weak spots in any relationship, regardless of how long you’ve been with one another. Therapy Ties provides guidance and support with a marriage and family therapist near Calabasas, CA, to help couples build solid connections and thrive as a unique unit.

Build Strong Relationships With A Marriage and Family Therapist

Therapy isn’t just for people who experience problems or are unhappy in their relationships. As a licensed marriage and family therapist, I understand the importance of connecting with your authentic self so you can build strong relationships and experience joy. Therapy allows you to work through your inner dialogue or discuss your goals so you can live the life you want.

A marriage and family therapist can give you the tools to live a fuller and happier life:

  • Deepen communication skills
  • Set boundaries
  • Discuss goal-setting
  • Discover the source of common anger issues
  • Understand how to manage emotions
  • Find the root of emotional mismanagement
  • Gain self-confidence


While relationships involve more than one person, working on yourself is essential for a thriving and enjoyable relationship. I aim to help you tap into your unique self and better understand how you relate to those around you. Whether you want to develop better communication skills, experience more joy, or create goals, therapy can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

I aim to help individuals develop a strong sense of self to thrive in the relationships they want. 

What Therapy Methods Do You Use?

I focus on a humanistic approach and include emotion-focused therapy and Gestalt and family systems. Advocating for your unique self can help you better understand your inner self so you can create the life you want. This approach enables you to find happiness in your relationships and other areas of life. 

Do You Provide Individual Or Couples Therapy?

I offer both types of therapy. Every person has different needs that require a unique therapeutic approach. Couples therapy provides an opportunity for individuals to grow and to notice the needs of their partner. We will work closely to determine the best therapy approach for your needs. 

Do You Accept Insurance?

We aim to provide an exceptional and comprehensive experience for our clients. Therefore, we do not accept insurance.  However, we provide a superbill of services upon request. Many insurance companies will reimburse for our services. In addition, We’ve partnered with Mentaya, a service that streamlines getting reimbursed for your therapy sessions through out-of-network benefits. To make it easy, we added easy to use widget on our home page where you can check your OON benefits. Our payment methods include cash, check or credit card. 

Get In Touch Today

You don’t have to feel stuck in your relationship. Contact Therapy Ties to schedule a free phone consultation with a marriage and family therapist near Calabasas, CA, today. I can help you determine which services are right for you.

I Offer Therapy Near Calabasas, CA

If you live near Calabasas, CA, or the surrounding cities, I am delighted to meet with you and provide you with therapy services. Calabasas is near the foothills of Santa Monica and part of the San Fernando Valley. I see clients at my office address, 20300 Ventura Blvd #330 Woodland Hills, CA 91364.

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